Apologies in advance to anyone who is after some healthy motivation as this post is pretty much the complete opposite. I’m off swimming again tonight – that is the healthiness over. In my opinion for a very worthy reason… Yesterday was my birthday so i booked the Monday off work for some long weekend antics. … More WRONG KINDA INSPO


Went from one extreme to the other weather wise with this next one. A quick trip home (and i mean very quick – 16 hours to be precise) and then my next adventure called – Copenhagen. 30 degree temperatures down to a very chilly 3 degrees brrrr. Flights Used my go to website again for … More COPENHAGEN

Carrot Cake

I honestly don’t know what has come over me the past month or so but I’ve developed a love of baking.. Much to the joy of my close ones and the opposite for my attempt at ‘abs’. I’ve been mixing it up with healthy options and those traditional’s that cant be done any other way than … More Carrot Cake