Fitness Pick-Me-Up

I’ve decided as a way to help myself out more than anything that i’m going to write, (maybe motivate, maybe inspire, who knows) more about my fitness and food adventures. After looking at my blog homepage countdown I was given the realisation that my summer holiday is a mere 31 days away. EEEK Now i … More Fitness Pick-Me-Up

D A Y – T W E L V E

Having an absolutely splendid time on holibobs. Nothing quite like a long weekend in a woodland cottage surrounded by wildlife, trees, water and nothing else! (Added bonus of a couple of pubs!!)  Breakfast  Seeded bread Tomato Scrambled egg Bacon Brown sauce So the eating thing is not going as badly as I feared, another added … More D A Y – T W E L V E

D A Y – F O U R

We’ve made it to Friday!  Before that though a reflection on yesterday..  Breakfast  Porridge oats Milk Blueberries I hope you all like porridge as I haven’t given you any other options to go with.. If you’re not a huge fan then eggs is always a good alternative; poached eggs on toast (chuck in some avocado … More D A Y – F O U R

D A Y – T W O 

Here’s how Day Two went.. Breakfast  Porridge oats Milk Honey Banana Again, super quick and super easy. And actually fills me up for a couple of hours – bonus! Lunch  Vergatble rice Chicken breast Not the most exciting lunch yesterday and again a bit high on the carbs side but I did have another spin … More D A Y – T W O