Guys, i have a problem. I’ve lost my gym mojo, please send help. Does this ever happen to you? we get a bout of bad weather (the Beast from the East here in the UK) trapping us in our houses – which is really not as fun as I envisioned – or we have a … More SEND HELP

Fitness Pick-Me-Up

I’ve decided as a way to help myself out more than anything that i’m going to write, (maybe motivate, maybe inspire, who knows) more about my fitness and food adventures. After looking at my blog homepage countdown I was given the realisation that my summer holiday is a mere 31 days away. EEEK Now i … More Fitness Pick-Me-Up

D A Y – T W E N T Y

Is it really Sunday already?? The saying time flies when you’re having fun has been very apt for this weekend.  Tomorrow sees the start of the fourth week and a further calorie reduction. I’ve found it a lot easier than I’d originally anticipated; eating a lot more protein and not snacking on junk has made the calories … More D A Y – T W E N T Y

D A Y – T W E L V E

Having an absolutely splendid time on holibobs. Nothing quite like a long weekend in a woodland cottage surrounded by wildlife, trees, water and nothing else! (Added bonus of a couple of pubs!!)  Breakfast  Seeded bread Tomato Scrambled egg Bacon Brown sauce So the eating thing is not going as badly as I feared, another added … More D A Y – T W E L V E