D A Y – E I G H T

Right back on schedule now with the weekend behind us and a motivational pep talk to myself.. (see previous post) Breakfast  Standard fave!  Porridge oats Milk Blueberries Lunch  Chicken topped with pepper Red pepper Cucumber Vine tomatoes Romaine lettuce Honey mustard dressing Snacks  1x protein shake 2x protein cookies Slight detour whilst on this subject … More D A Y – E I G H T

D A Y – T W O 

Here’s how Day Two went.. Breakfast  Porridge oats Milk Honey Banana Again, super quick and super easy. And actually fills me up for a couple of hours – bonus! Lunch  Vergatble rice Chicken breast Not the most exciting lunch yesterday and again a bit high on the carbs side but I did have another spin … More D A Y – T W O 

Gin Appreciation 

Recently I’ve done a lot of talking about food and exercise but I haven’t mentioned the other side of life too much – naughties (Gin, pizza, that kinda thing..)  Unfortunately when it comes to willpower surrounding food and alcohol I lack hugely. Just means i have to work twice as hard in the gym – … More Gin Appreciation 

Food at its finest 

So many food updates, so little pics. Friday cheat meal happened at ‘Inglesham Forge‘; for any Wiltshire goers this is situated just outside Highworth and was nothing short of amazing. I went for duck with a Moreno cherry sauce. Out of the 5 of us that went all plates were emptied and we proceeded to … More Food at its finest