Its happened; I’ve got a new favourite destination in Europe!! Had a fantastic time last weekend in Budapest and finally felt some sunshine on my face – bonus. We hit temperatures of 28 degrees in the day so if you are prone to burning you will need sun cream. It did drop quite considerably when … More BUDAPEST


So i took a journey back in time with my previous post relating to Amsterdam but i’m bringing us back to the present with this one.  April marked the beginning of this years adventures abroad and the first on the list was Berlin, Germany. It was a 4 day trip in which we stayed in … More B E R L I N

Gin Appreciation 

Recently I’ve done a lot of talking about food and exercise but I haven’t mentioned the other side of life too much – naughties (Gin, pizza, that kinda thing..)  Unfortunately when it comes to willpower surrounding food and alcohol I lack hugely. Just means i have to work twice as hard in the gym – … More Gin Appreciation