Apologies in advance to anyone who is after some healthy motivation as this post is pretty much the complete opposite. I’m off swimming again tonight – that is the healthiness over. In my opinion for a very worthy reason… Yesterday was my birthday so i booked the Monday off work for some long weekend antics. … More WRONG KINDA INSPO


My most recent adventure took me not too far across the water to… Belfast. FLIGHTS Flights booked, as usual, through skyscanner which came to around £75 per person (could have been cheaper but accidentally left it a little late). This was flying to/from Bristol Airport with Easyjet – please note cabin bag restrictions, we were only allowed … More BELFAST

D A Y – T W E N T Y

Is it really Sunday already?? The saying time flies when you’re having fun has been very apt for this weekend.  Tomorrow sees the start of the fourth week and a further calorie reduction. I’ve found it a lot easier than I’d originally anticipated; eating a lot more protein and not snacking on junk has made the calories … More D A Y – T W E N T Y

Gin Appreciation 

Recently I’ve done a lot of talking about food and exercise but I haven’t mentioned the other side of life too much – naughties (Gin, pizza, that kinda thing..)  Unfortunately when it comes to willpower surrounding food and alcohol I lack hugely. Just means i have to work twice as hard in the gym – … More Gin Appreciation 

Caught red handed

So last weekend was my sisters 21st birthday – inevitably this resulted in copious amount of food and alcohol. Oopsy. Due to the ridiculous amount of cake that was supplied I have been treating myself to a slice for lunch everyday this week – and I wonder why I don’t have abs.  To make up for … More Caught red handed