Team Summer Bod

So with my birthday (week) and the bank holiday done I’m all over this fitness malarkey now – summer bod here i come…

Last week was a bit too casual for any kind of inspiration – went swimming, body pump and also an evening run (nearly died) and the long bank holiday weekend didn’t do me any favours at all.


I’ve gotten right back into swimming since starting again a few weeks ago, was keeping it casual at once a week but I’ve changed my mind and gonna up my game – sorry hair & skin. If anyone has any suggestions for combatting the effects of chlorine PLEASE let me know!

I’ve set up a routine in the hopes it will keep me going over the coming months so I don’t look like I’ve washed up from the ocean on any beachy holidays I may go on – travel plans for this year are yet to be confirmed, but a girls gotta be prepared for all eventualities.

My new routine is as follows:

Monday – Body Pump

Tuesday – Swimming

Wednesday – Body Pump

Thursday – Swimming

Friday or Saturday – Running

Nothing too adventurous but I’ve got some persistent extra few lbs that need shifting so you can actually see any muscle I’ve managed to grow (if any).

I’m not one for going by the scales and prefer to judge on mirror image but for the purpose of motivation I have weighed myself – 63.2kg. My ‘normal’ weight is around 58kg and in my opinion I have not been lifting enough weights to have gained that way unfortunately; such a sucker for food.

 It’s a new month, the sun is shining, I’ve not yet had any chocolate today and I’m booked in to GRIT this evening and then next week the new routine begins.












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