Apologies in advance to anyone who is after some healthy motivation as this post is pretty much the complete opposite.

I’m off swimming again tonight – that is the healthiness over. In my opinion for a very worthy reason…

Yesterday was my birthday so i booked the Monday off work for some long weekend antics. Sunday started with a trip to Oxford to visit the Alchemist for their renowned cocktails and a bite to eat – highly recommend as a bit of fun and good food. We had the sharing platter and it was only the sushi i wasn’t keen on (because i don’t like sushi). We tried a fair few of the cocktails – some of them they set on fire, some of them smoke, change colour, change flavour, all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

Monday was a trip to Boston Tea Party. This was something else, the food is amazing and was so quick, it is also great value for money; the stack of 4 pancakes with greek yoghurt and fruit compote is priced at £5.85. Here’s an insight to get your mouths watering..

I will definitely be back for more.

Probably not the wisest of ideas but we planned to go to Bath Thermae Spa after our very indulgent breakfast – luckily we did not drown from all the extra weight and i’m here to tell you the tale. The spa has been updated since i last went which made for a new experience, and a very enjoyable one indeed. A 2 hour spa session including towel, robe and flip flops will set you back £36pp, definitely a fair premium for what you get. You can of course opt for treatments alongside but at a substantial extra cost.

Unfortunately i had to work on my birthday – all out of holiday due to my travel habits. However, the evening took me to Miller & Carter for some good food with good people. Their Mango Mimosa’s are a must btw (if you don’t despise champagne) and their steaks are beautiful.

Now you must be thinking it cant continue like this, i’ll end up fat as a house. Well unfortunately yes i probably am going to be. Tonight is my only evening i’m swapping out food for exercise. Tomorrow is tapas at The New Calley Arms which i’m really looking forward to, Friday is undecided between take-away or cooking, Saturday is brunch with the girls followed by copious alcohol.


Next week i’m back to the gym i promise.

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