As promised i’m back with a fitness update.

Previously i had disclosed my lack of motivation for the gym, reducing my weekly exercise drastically, so what have i done to help resolve this?

I had the pleasure of babysitting little Lily (pup) for a few days last week so i switched out the hustle and bustle of the gym for countryside walks – thank goodness for wellies. This was a much more enjoyable way of burning some calories and keeping my step count up, unfortunately i’m yet to persuade Jam to let us have our own.

I also went back to my roots and attended a spin class for a change. I have a problem shoulder at the moment, which i’m trying to combat through a chiropractor and spinning has always been a trigger. Last week i learnt it is still a trigger so no more spin for me at the moment 😦

However i did manage to get myself back into the gym this week, Monday started with a Pump class; my thighs were shaking from the off set but i made it through and have booked myself in for the same again on Wednesday.

As i’m really not a fan of running and need some form of cardio in my regime to allow for cake, i decided to start up swimming. I had my first session last night – at the Link Centre they do lane swimming throughout the week so check out their website if you’re interested. I was so surprised at how hard i found this, i used to swim for a club 8 times a week so thought i’d still be ‘okay’; i nearly drowned. I’m going to start off doing this once a week whilst i get my stamina back up and then hope to increase, I’ve always loved swimming so this is an easy alternative for me.

This morning I’ve woken up feeling like, what i can only assume being hit continuously with sticks would result in. My quads are particularly sore, so much so that i had to make use of ibuprofen gel to try and ease them slightly – it didn’t work.

Safe to say i’ll be going slightly easier this evening in my pump class but its looking like i’m getting back into a routine – hooray!

What ideas have you guys come up with to keep motivated or as alternatives to your usual methods?













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