Guys, i have a problem. I’ve lost my gym mojo, please send help.

Does this ever happen to you? we get a bout of bad weather (the Beast from the East here in the UK) trapping us in our houses – which is really not as fun as I envisioned – or we have a busy week of social plans and temporarily fall off the exercise bandwagon. How do you get back into it?

It’s Monday and I have absolutely zero drive to get my, less than gym honed, backside into the gym. So how do i fix this?

Maybe i need to invest in a new item of work out gear which i would then have to try out of course? If this has helped you let me know which sites/shops are your go to’s.

From past experience I’ve found writing to you has ‘forced’ me to stick to my healthy eating and regime as, lets face it, I cant lie to save my life and i’d end up having nothing to report – awkward. Given I have no immediate travel plans I feel this is a perfect excuse to keep you up to date with my other hobby, fitness. I welcome any motivators and let’s see how this goes..



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