‘New year, New me’

With the start of the new year I’ve began seeing the aforementioned phrase scattered all over the place – pictures, captions, posts. Is it really a new you? Or simply an improved version of the same person.

Whatever your aspirations or goals are for 2018 don’t think of it as a ‘new’ version (unless of course you’re a raging lunatic that needs a complete do-over) but as a way of enhancing. Improving something tends to be a lot easier than starting all over again from scratch.


My goals for this year are to keep up with my fitness and maybe even get those abs I’ve been trying for so many years to obtain, probably not but any improvement is a bonus. I’ve got myself back into the gym, with the help of the new gear i got for Christmas, and I’ve began cutting down on the naughty treats – unfortunately i’m not the sort of person that can go from ultimate indulging over the festive period to a plate of vegetables overnight, so i’m phasing by going back to 3 solid meals a day and minimal snacking. A work colleague has already threatened this by gifting me a bag full of quality street strawberry and orange creams (my fave), although accompanying strict instructions of one a day, we’ll see how long they really last!!

I don’t yet have any travels planned so any suggestions of destinations would be much appreciated – short or long haul. Slovenia is in the pipeline but not confirmed; anyone got any advice or tips?

In some rather exciting news i am submerging myself into adult life and going to be purchasing my first house, when i find it that is, so travelling may not be quite as eventful as the last couple of years but i’m sure i’ll have enough excitement to keep me going. Mostly looking forward to a trip to IKEA as its been banned until there is actually a house to fill!

What are your goals for this year? And what are you doing to achieve them?

Hopefully i can look back on this post in a years time and say yep I’ve made those improvements i set out to achieve and maybe you can too.

Happy New Year!

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