Fitness Pick-Me-Up

I’ve decided as a way to help myself out more than anything that i’m going to write, (maybe motivate, maybe inspire, who knows) more about my fitness and food adventures. After looking at my blog homepage countdown I was given the realisation that my summer holiday is a mere 31 days away. EEEK

Now i may not have broadcast much about this in recent months but behind the scenes it has been going on as a normal part of my life. I think that’s the biggest step when taking on fitness; you need to make it a lifestyle. My current fitness regime is a bit sporadic; some weeks i’ll go to the gym 5 times, other weeks only 2 hence my reasoning for this post and hopefully more to follow.

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit lax on the cardio front and have found myself making excuses; ‘oh i did a lot of walking today it will be okay’, ‘oh i must wash my hair this evening’, when realistically i could do it all. Saying that i have been having a personal trainer once a week for 2 months now so i’m not doing nothing.

To assist in this I’ve taken up a new fitness hobby; cycling. Now i’m not talking 50 mile cycles on a Saturday morning before the sun rises but also not a quick ride to the local corner shop for a chocolate bar. (For any cycle routes in the Wiltshire area please do comment below). I really dislike running so cycling is the perfect alternative for me.

So where’ve i conquered so far? 

There are actually LOADS of cycle routes in the Wiltshire area, its just a case of knowing where they are. Generally once you are on one of the National Cycle Routes they are signposted for the duration. Sustrans is a good website for browsing these.

On our first venture out on the bikes we decided we were going to aim for Wanborough as our rest bite and circle back round – with all good intentions we were off. If only the weather was in agreement; we got absolutely soaked to the point you could ring out our clothes and were very grateful for a bit of shelter in the Brewers Arms. – first trip not quite a full success. 

Other trips we have managed since have included a cycle up to the Calley Arms where we were undefeated by the mighty Hodson hill.

And most recently we cycled to South Cerney which has been my favourite so far (and the hardest). This followed National Cycle Route 45. There’s nothing quite like the sun shining, with a view over the lakes, as a reward before turning back. The Old Boathouse providing the essential seating area. 

Tips:  Always pack a waterproof just in case, ALWAYS wear a helmet, pack a chocolate bar for a mid way energy snack, wear a GoPro so you can look back and laugh at yourself falling off your bike. 

GoPro – I’ve recently purchased the new Session 5 to assist in the above – i got this from Amazon which is around £50 cheaper than the GoPro website. This is a perfect GoPro for attaching to your helmet as it has voice recognition allowing you to tell it out loud when to start/stop recording. This eliminates any danger of falling flat on your face whilst trying to press the buttons. In comparison to the Hero 3 this one picks up audio really clearly – not that i wanted to listen back to myself huffing and puffing up hills but for your info..

As i said please do comment any routes you feel and worth a try and maybe even give cycling a go yourself – you never know you might just enjoy it. 

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