D A Y – T W E N T Y  T W O

Good morning all, 

With the weekend officially behind us for another couple of days what better way to pass the time than working out. Started my week off with a spin class; sometimes i find these get a little monotonous but tonight was a new routine with a different mixture of music tracks, and i thoroughly enjoyed it – well as much as you can enjoy sweating your ass off for an hour with your legs screaming at you to stop. I’m pretty sure even my eyelids were sweating in this one.

I’ve mentioned before but for anyone that missed it: if you don’t want to commit to a gym or just want to try out a class then ‘Simply Gym Swindon‘ offer bookable classes for a fee (i’m pretty sure its £5 p.c but don’t hold me to it) and also free passes if you visit their website.

I had a slight mini breakdown yesterday with my progress – as i said before i often need reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  For me the struggle is restricting myself from eating bad foods; as much as i’m beginning to embrace my new healthy lifestyle I am a massive foodie and find it really hard to say no to treats! I’m not seeing results as quickly as i was hoping even though i’ve cut out/down a lot of my favourite foods and am counting calories. To combat this little lull i have booked myself 8 weekly PT sessions to push me that little bit further – starting next tuesday, eek! 

Yesterdays food diary: 


Berry Muesli 


Green thai chicken

Roasted vegetable rice


Honey mustard chicken breast

Roasted sweet potato, parsnips, potato 



2x Protein shakes 

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