D A Y – T W E N T Y  O N E

They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit;  today marks twenty one days complete of my 4 week mini challenge…


The week days have very much become routine now and i’m enjoying the healthier options I’ve come to realise are available to me. 

Breakfast options:

I prefer to go for a higher carb content breakfast as i’m usually the most hungry in the mornings and it gives me the energy i need;

porridge oats



If you want to opt for higher protein contents:



protein pancakes

Seeded bread topped with avocado and poached eggs, sprinkled with pepper, is my Saturday morning go to breakfast. 

Lunch options:

Depending on what exercise i’m planning to do that evening is usually my decider for this one

Cardio options;

mixed vegetable rice

chicken breast


sweet potato

Weights options:

chilli con carne (minus the rice)

mixed vegetables


chicken salad

Snacks options:

Protein whey shakes 

pea snacks 


All my snack options are high sources of protein to ensure i am getting enough into my diet.

Dinner options:


chicken stir fry

sweet potatoes


chicken breast 

avocado & chicken salad 

chilli con carne

mixed vegetables

Dinner is definitely my widest options; there is so much choice and you can mix so many arrangements. Above is a few of my favourite ingredients

There really is an array of menus available that focus on clean eating and getting the correct macros into your body. The blogging network is a key place where i come across new ideas and if anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know! 

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