D A Y – N I N E T E E N 

It’s the weekend! Wooo 

Sun is set to shine later this afternoon, fresh as a daisy after an alcohol free Friday night and fun & games to be had today. 

Yesterday’s breakfast 

  • Porridge oats
  • Milk
  • Honey 

Like a record stuck on repeat I know..



  • Chicken breast with honey mustard
  • Spinach and mushrooms
  • Wholemeal roasted vegetable rice (Tilda)


May have taken a trip to GBK as I was massively craving a burger. Everything in moderation remember. I didn’t have both of those to myself btw, although I definitely could have demolished all of it.

In other, slightly unrelated, news my lillies have opened from my valentines roses/lillies bouquet.. how gorge are they!!

With pancake day ever nearing I’m excited to try out protein pancakes – has anyone got any recipes they would recommend for this? I’ve had a quick look on google and there is so many different ones that I don’t know which one is best.. looking for a cinnamon flavour or blueberry preferably and I’d be using myprotein whey powder… please comment below with any suggestions/links.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “D A Y – N I N E T E E N 

  1. I’d recommend looking up ProteinPow – it’s a website with so many different protein recipes! Otherwise go for the banana and 2 eggs mushed together – it’s amazing with Nutella! Xx


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