D A Y – E I G H T E E N

First things first.. Happy Friday! 

Been anticipating this day all week as I’ve got an exciting weekend ahead of me (albeit a slightly naughty one). Off to Bath tomorrow for some drinks for my best buds birthday/farewell drinks!

For any of you that aren’t native Swindonians; we often go to Bath for drinks as its only 30 minutes on the train and, lets face it, a far nicer experience. Some of our favourite places include:

Be At One

Earl Bar

Cosy Club

Slug & Lettuce

Hall & Woodhouse

Before all that though still got today to maintain the usual regime and yesterday to take a look at:



  • Porridge oats
  • Milk
  • Honey 

This sweet treat has defo been my breakfast of choice this week! 


  • Fishcake
  • Vegetable Medley 


  • 1x diet whey shake (cookies & cream)
  • 1x whey shake (salted caramel) 


  • Scrambled Egg
  • Honey Mustard Chicken Breast
  • Spinach & Mushrooms with garlic 

First time cooking chicken soaked in a honey mustard sauce and i have to say its going to be on my list a fair few more times! 

I had planned to do a weights circuit session with my Dad at the gym; whilst i was waiting for him to turn up i thought i’d give the treadmill a go with some intermittent sprints; the first i whacked up to 15 and thought i was going to fly off the back! Luckily i saved myself the embarrassment and stayed put, safe to say the following i kept it to a 13. After 50 minutes of this and still no sign of Dad i moved onto the cross trainer,  a further 20 minutes later and no arrival i admitted defeat and warmed my, now knackered, legs down. Turns out the traffic wasn’t on his side (he commutes for work). Ended up with a cardio session instead of weights but there’s always next time! 

Just a few more hours of the working day to go guys (7 for me) and then freedom!

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