D A Y – F I F T E E N 

Some serious holiday blues going on yesterday whilst sat at my desk with views of concrete buildings out of my window. Stark contrast to the woodlands the day before. 

Back on track with the macro counting..


  • Chocolate shreddies (shhh)


  • Vegetable rice
  • Chicken

Simple, quick and easy. In a bowl and microwave for 2 mins. 


  • 2x protein shakes
  • Pea snacks


Tried something new.. 

  • Baked eggs in avocado
  • Salad
  • Chicken 

I was a little optimistic about this as I’ve never tried it before but it was super easy to do and tasted really nice! 

Exercise wise: the new class I was planning on going to, as mentioned yesterday, was not on due to illness so instead I had a 30 minute HIIT class followed by 30 mins brisk walking and then an hour spin class. Safe to say I was absolutely shattered afterwards. Having a rest day due to Valentine’s Day so had to make up for it. 

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