D A Y – F O U R T E E N 

Unfortunately back to town life for the Monday morning grind but here’s a look at yesterday..


  • Grilled tomato
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Fried egg 

All together in a breakfast sandwich. Perfect source of energy to prep for an afternoon of walking. 


Today’s pub of choice was The Abinger Hatch – This quintessential English pub is set in the beautiful picturesque, rolling Surrey Hills and has charm, a warm, bright, but cosy feel about it’


  • Belly pork
  • Roast potatoes 
  • Veg

Just know today is going to be filled with serious holiday blues. The only things getting me through is going to be my awaited order of new whey protein flavours! I’ve ordered a diet whey protein in cookies & cream and a whey protein in salted caramel – both from ‘MyProtein‘. I’m also booked in to try out a new class for me, GRIT Strength, at the gym this eve. 

Another calorie reduction starting this week; 1380 calories, maintaining 120g protein daily. Let’s see how this goes..


6 thoughts on “ D A Y – F O U R T E E N 

  1. Let me know what the salted caramel is like! I want to try it! Cookie one is delicious. Hope you had. Lovely weekend away looks like you did 🙂


    1. Will do! It’s not a diet one though. Oh perfect, I wanted to get some flavours that would go with food as well as drinks – pancake day is coming up! It was sooo nice thanks!!


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