D A Y – E L E V E N 

Holiday officially started today woop! 

A long weekend at the cottage, just what the doctor ordered. 


Started in the usual way; porridge with honey and banana.


  • Protein cookie
  • Cheese twist – now these probably aren’t great for you (bit carby) but when they are fresh out of the oven in the Lidl bakery how can you turn that down?


‘Sticky chicken’

  • Chicken
  • New potatoes
  • Tomatoes



So whilst doing the shopping we came across this unusual looking fruit called a Pomelo.

Gary decided that we had to try it of course. Turns out it is a Southern-Asian origin fruit; part of the citrus family. A cross between a grapefruit and an orange and I enjoyed it. Learn something new everyday eh..

Not sure the rest of the weekends food intake is going to be quite as healthy but everything in moderation right? And we’ll be going on lots of long walk to burn it off!

Happy Friday!


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