D A Y – S E V E N

So that’s officially the first week of attempting calorie counting complete.

Had strong week days, a not so strong week end.

I’m back at it this week with a reduction to 1530 calories per day whilst maintaining a minimum daily 120g protein intake.

For me exercise is part of my lifestyle not my entire life. I’m lucky in that I really enjoy going to classes at the gym (not so much sessions) and to an extent enjoy eating healthily but at my age I also want to be indulging in the other side of life – eating calorific foods, cause they taste blimmin lovely, and enjoying cocktails.

I very nearly posted progress pics to go with this post but decided against, I haven’t quite reached that confidence level yet but I am determined to get to a place where I am completely happy with the way I look. Social media can become a great inspiration for people at the same time as being a massive depressant. We strive to look like the pictures we see online without fully comprehending that everyone is built differently and no 2 people will ever achieve the same look.

Don’t be deterred by what you see online but by what you see in yourself. And don’t be afraid to enjoy a few naughty treats. Everything in moderation!

Here’s to another week!

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