D A Y – F I V E 

It’s the weekend baby! 

One week down, one weekend to go before the calories reduce and we go again. 

Yesterday wasn’t my strongest day I’ll admit, I’ll explain why..


  • Porridge oats
  • Milk
  • Banana

So I was looking forward to this as per, but the reason it’s looking on the dry side is because it exploded it in the microwave!! Nightmare. I made it at work so didn’t have any extra supplies and had to just go with it.. not as nice as previous days but it sufficed!


  • Chicken & pesto mayonnaise sandwich on tomato bread
  • Apple slices

The shopping was yet to be done in the Scott-Browne household and the reserves weren’t holding out resulting in me having to purchase lunch. I spent a good 10 mins wondering round trying to find something that would give me the macros I needed. This wasn’t a preferable option but it was better than the macaroni cheese I’d spotted in the ready meals.


  • 2x protein shakes
  • Skyr

If you haven’t made it onto the Skyr bandwagon as of yet I’d highly recommend. I’ve mentioned it in a previous post and as the tub states it’s a high source of protein (just like yoghurt but a bit thicker than your standard).


Now I really was a bit naughty..

I had planned to have popcorn at the cinema and actually did have enough calories after hitting all my daily goals so thought I’d treat myself.

However that all got a bit messed up when I arrived at the Prictor household and Gary was making burgers. I initially said no but watching the boys eat was torture so I may have had half a brioche beef burger with cheese, onion and gerkin. But shhhh!

Already got a healthy brunch and gym sesh planned this morning to make up for it so stay tuned..

Have a fab weekend guys!


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