D A Y – F O U R

We’ve made it to Friday! 

Before that though a reflection on yesterday.. 


  • Porridge oats
  • Milk
  • Blueberries

I hope you all like porridge as I haven’t given you any other options to go with..

If you’re not a huge fan then eggs is always a good alternative; poached eggs on toast (chuck in some avocado if it’s to your taste), scrambled egg on toast (maybe with a bit of salmon). These tend to be my weekend options as I’ve got more time to prepare it (still working on my poached eggs so slow and steady is my motto atm!)


  • Chilli
  • Jacket potato

Exactly the same as the evening before, required zero prep work, unless you count transferring it into a tub.


  • 2x protein shakes


  • Chilli
  • Rice

Chilli again? I know right. Unbeknown to me the Prictor’s also had a penchant for it as a dinner of choice this week. It’s chilli though; always a winner.
(Although I think I’ll steer away from it for a couple of days now)
After my double gym class on Wednesday night I woke up yesterday morning shattered, my whole body aching. Signs of a good sesh though right..

Thursday is always my rest day and it was defo needed this week! Some good food and lots of water and by the evening I had almost stopped aching, ready to go again.

Oh and I’m on a hunt; I’m looking to join a running club, preferably on a Tuesday eve. If anyone knows one/ is part of one in Swindon or the surrounding area give me a shout!

Happy Friday!!


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