D A Y – T H R E E 

Hump day, marks the half way point of the working week, yay! And the 1st of February. Can’t believe January is over already!! Getting ever closer to my holiday and not so close to having my beach bod. Unfortunately it just doesn’t happen overnight, I keep finding myself checking for my non existent abs whenever there’s a mirror around and then I remember I’m only 1 month in to the year (2017 fitness plan) and it all makes sense. I am noticing subtle changes and I’m feeling a lot more energised when I’m in the gym – it’s a lifestyle change, not a short term fix. 

So onto the good bit – food! 


  • Porridge oats
  • Honey
  • Blackberries


As per I forgot to take a pic – oops

  • Fish cake
  • Mixed veg
  • Sweet potato mash

Basically it was the leftovers from last nights dinner but with a fish cake instead of sea bass. It makes life so much easier and quicker to make extra for dinner so you can then take some for lunch the following day.


  • Jacket potato
  • Chilli

Now, mum took the wheel with this one as I gym until late on Wednesdays. I came home to her informing she’d put ‘something extra’ in the chilli.

Turns out it was kale! Her excuse being it would be boring without something added. She’s a veggy so I guess we have to let her off (has no clue when it comes to us carnivores foods). I wouldn’t recommend trying it though guys!


  • 2x protein shakes

Protein levels were lacking through foods today so added in an extra shake before the gym to get me up to scratch.

And that’s a wrap on day three..


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