Calorie Counting

Hey guys,

So starting tomorrow I’m calorie counting..

I’ve got a preliminary 4 week programme to start with which reduces my calorie count each week and has a 120g minimum protein intake per day. Shout out to Luke Hopper for the help and programme to assist me with this new challenge. Check out his page for nutrition/PT etc. 

I’m feeling confident but also a little apprehensive about taking this on; my concern is getting enough protein into my diet and not falling foul to snacks! As I mentioned before I do not have the ability to say no to food but I’m going to have to be super strict with myself. 

A couple of tools that have been recommended to help are myfitnesspal which I’ve used previously so luckily know how to work; it’s a calorie/macro/exercise diary. The great thing about this little app is it counts everything for you – all you have to do is scan the barcodes on food packets or type it into a search bar and it provides you with all the info. Tracking macros has never been easier.

I’ve also ordered myself some diet whey protein powder to make sure I am getting enough to hit my targets. Thanks to for the assistance there. The website I used is and I’ve gone for chocolate mint as my first flavour of choice. A little tip if you do go ahead and purchase anything there is a 15% discount code which I successfully used: extra15 

A powder offers numerous options; you can either have it as a drink mixed with water or milk or you can include it into loads of recipes such as protein pancakes, yum!! 

To get the ball rolling I took all my measurements today ready to kick it all off tomorrow – this included waist, thighs, arms, bum and weight – I will be doing this on a weekly basis but mainly using the mirror to judge my results. 

Let’s do this..

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