Countryside Trumps Gym

If you were fortunate enough to be in the south-west at any point over the weekend you would have experienced some nice crisp sunshine (rarity for us southerners in the winter months) and of course full advantage had to be taken.. 

Rather than coop myself up in the gym it was decided that a brisk walk round the Barbury Castle area would suffice as an alternative. For anyone who doesn’t know, and wants to, Barbury is an Iron Age hill fort situated on the Ridgeway overlooking Swindon – it boasts fantastic views, although was a bit chilly in the wind. 
Oh and it’s free access to the general public. Very popular with dog walkers but beware there are sheep. 

Unfortunately the weather is set to turn gloomy again as per.. so back to the gym. Starting the week off with a spin class this evening, potentially followed by a body attack class, dependant on how knackered I am (managed to bag myself a cold at some point late last week resulting in me having the strength of a new born foal). 

The weeks are flying by, which is becoming slightly scary as the holiday countdown is looming ever nearer and my abs are still fully hidden under decembers intake. Uh oh. Butttt I’ll get there! Determination at its best!!


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