Gin Appreciation 

Recently I’ve done a lot of talking about food and exercise but I haven’t mentioned the other side of life too much – naughties (Gin, pizza, that kinda thing..) 
Unfortunately when it comes to willpower surrounding food and alcohol I lack hugely. Just means i have to work twice as hard in the gym – a sacrifice I am prepared to make.
Fair play to those of you that manage to use that word, what is it..  oh yeah – No 

Ive only very recently become a fan of gin; I used to think it tasted like Christmas trees.. I was clearly doing it all wrong. I have Dublin to thank for my new found love..

My particular flavour of the month (or last 3) is Hendricks with cucumber and rose petals – absolutely love! 

As I mentioned previously my struggle to say no has resulted in my dry January becoming a ‘damp January’! Maybe next year.. oops. 

As the saying goes ‘everything in moderation’…

Don’t be fooled though, if you still want to enjoy naughty foods and alcohol you do need to be prepared to work extra hard to avoid it affecting your fitness goals too much. If I know I’m planning on having a couple of drinks or a meal out I will plan in an extra session of cardio to try and counter act the effects. 

During the week I am pretty strict with myself and follow meals that I pre-decide a week in advance to dodge not having ingredients etc and to avoid slipping off the bandwagon. 

And then the weekend arrives.. well we won’t go in to that right now..

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