Food at its finest 

So many food updates, so little pics.

Friday cheat meal happened at ‘Inglesham Forge‘; for any Wiltshire goers this is situated just outside Highworth and was nothing short of amazing. I went for duck with a Moreno cherry sauce. Out of the 5 of us that went all plates were emptied and we proceeded to also clear five plates of desserts. Defo a recommendation from me. 

Breakfasts continue to consist mostly of porridge, with added banana being my current fave..

The biggest struggle I’m finding atm is not snacking, so much chocolate is lingering around from Christmas, I’ve been giving it away in a bid to stop myself from consuming so much of it – I’m sure Jam has been thoroughly enjoying this, judging by the amount of Lindt wrappers that keep appearing in the bin. 

Went to the gym on Saturday to make up for the massive amount of food I squeezed in on Friday. It was so nice for it not to be over run with people for a change; could actually get to the equipment. Booking classes is becoming increasingly frustrating atm as they are fully booked almost as soon as they become available. Fair play to the new January goers but my gym is obviously not equipped for this surge. Perceverence at its best… 

Been reading loads of stuff on fitness and food recently and it’s become increasingly clear that I really need to up my weights game. Cardio is great for keeping fit and burning some calories but to build muscle it is a lot about weights and diet. Starting this week I’m upping to 3 body pump classes, I’ll get some progress pics at the ready.. 

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