Still going strong!

This week has gone swimmingly so far, despite the offerings of cakes and various other naughties I’ve held fast. 

(Except for a couple of chocolate gold coins and a white choc & cranberry cookie but shhh) 

Been trying out all sorts of different things. Skyr in the pic being one of – it’s a traditional Icelandic food, pronounced skeer, and is similar to Greek yoghurt regarding its content but it’s a lot thicker (like cream cheese) and has a high source of protein. Opted for a blueberry flavour. You can eat it on its own or use it as a yoghurt replacement in other recipes; I found it enjoyable on its own. Also tried it in porridge, which I really didn’t like, butttttt give it a go. 

Next on the ‘new foods’ list is sea bass which has evaded my taste buds until now, I’ll let you know how that goes.

After last weeks 5 day DOMS I was a little apprehensive about sticking to the same weights in this weeks pump class, but I did, and thankfully it is nowhere near as bad as last week. Safe to say I’m still sore but I can actually walk across the room as opposed to hobbling. I came out of the class shaking regretting the fact I’d booked myself into spin straight after; that was a massive struggle but I’m still alive today.

And it continues…

Hey guys – it’s nearly the weekend!

Well needed rest for me, oh and a Friday night cheat meal. Mmmm



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