Naughty but nice 

The weekend started a bit on the rocky side..

Just kidding (Matts obviously bulking atm..) 

However mine was not a huge improvement:

Fridays are for treats though right? And surely fishcakes are classed as protein?

Anyway by Sunday everything was back in business 

Followed by a delicious slow cooked stew for dinner, courtesy of the Prictor’s.

First week of dry January also complete! I have to admit by Sunday evening I did have wine on the mind but I held out and am on the way to completing week 2. Remember I mentioned it was dads birthday this month, well the annual meal is due on Friday eve. What’s the healthiest alcoholic beverage? Hopefully gin and tonic with sliced cucumber is up there (new obsession) and it has veg in so must be allowed…

Went back to my fave spin class this eve, the instructor really does make a difference for me and a pet hate is when they jolly along whilst you’re trying to get some motivation to work your ass off.  Gym is still heaving and the car park has become a rat run but good work you little January goers.

I’m now sat with a face mask on with a green tea composing this post.

Monday complete. Tomorrow we go again.

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