Not so colourful 

Sooo last nights grub not looking quite as substantial but this is the best I could do with no foil and a short time frame.

I had an hour and a half to cook everyone dinner and do the dreaded hair wash (which is no easy feat when you have an afro) and get ready for a cinema trip. I was actually planning on making chicken coated in BBQ and wrapped in pancetta but no foil really burst a bubble on that one.

It consists of
paprika and garlic sweet potato ‘wedges’ – I’m sure cutting titanium would have been easier btw hence the non wedge shapes.
Steamed spinach with chilli and garlic 
Steamed aspsaragus 
High protein halloumi and chilli risotto balls  

And can I just add that I resisted all confectionary at the cinema, bar a Fanta, which i don’t think I’ve ever managed before. We’ll see how long that lasts! Oh and if anyone’s considering watching ‘Assassins Creed’ it’s pretty good.

Still on track for a weekend of no alcohol, so dry January very much going to plan.

Ill let you know if I succeed.

Happy Friday!

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