Are you really putting in the work?

After a weekend of food and booze – naughty I know – this week I took it upon myself to double up a few classes again, cause why not. 

I’ll tell you why not, it hurts. But ya know gotta do these things sometimes. 

I’ll be the first to admit I am a massive people watcher, I find it so interesting I cannot help but stare in the gym. Doesn’t always go down well when you’re renowned for having a bitch face and get caught gawping at people, but, it usually means I’m using you for some form of inspiration/motivation so take it as a compliment. 

Now one thing I need to get off my chest.. how can you go to a spin class and not sweat? To make matters worse not sweat whilst wearing a hoody. Is it just me that thinks someone is cheating?! Or can such a thing happen? I, for one, come out looking like I’ve just been for a swim as opposed to cycling on dry land. Now my real point for mentioning this is I can appreciate everyone has days where they kinda can’t be bothered, happens to us all. But if you have a goal then you really do need to put in the work or you simply won’t achieve anything. 

My routine this week has gone as follows: 

Monday – body pump (for which my chest is still paying for)
Tuesday – spin
Wednesday – body pump and spin 
Thursday – body attack 
Friday – food 😋

Each week I’ve been slowly upping my weights to increase my muscle mass. It’s not an overnight process but I can definitely say I’m starting to feel stronger. I’ve never really had any muscle shape and being an ectomorph means I find it slightly harder to hold on to any muscle but no excuses. I’ll continue to up and continue to build. 

Reaching my fitness goals is one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted. For someone who absolutely adores food, and finds it completely impossible to say no to anything,that has been my main struggle. 

If you look back you’ll be able to see the changes you’ve made and can hopefully feed off that to continue changing for the better. 

Oh and a quick shout out; Saturday lunch consisted of an afternoon at The Boathouse, South Cerney with ayms and hol. Here’s a snap of the scenery:


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