Caught red handed

So last weekend was my sisters 21st birthday – inevitably this resulted in copious amount of food and alcohol. Oopsy. Due to the ridiculous amount of cake that was supplied I have been treating myself to a slice for lunch everyday this week – and I wonder why I don’t have abs. 

To make up for this I have been dedicated to the gym this week: 

Monday – free weights and spin
Tuesday – spin
Wednesday – body pump AND spin. that one hurt me. 5 people walked out the spin class throughout the hour, says it all. 
Thursday – booked for body attack

 I’m currently undecided if I will actually make it to Friday atm so holding off booking to avoid getting a black mark next to my name. Anyone who attends Simply Gym will know what I mean by that, but for those that don’t, if you miss a class that you booked you get put on the naughty step. 

Next week the gym is due to have a special guest in for a Les Mills class which I will definitely be attending. 

I’ve noticed a few new faces round the gym recently, winter being the perfect time to start work on the summer bod. Everyone has to start somewhere so if you’re striving for something you don’t yet have keep at it! 


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