Is green tea a superfood?

This is currently my drink of choice. I went through an obsession of green tea and lemon but since discovering this I have converted. I have to admit plain green tea isn’t great but as soon as you add a flavour it completely changes the taste. 

And think of all the potential added benefits..

Green tea supposedly speeds up the metabolism which in turn burns more calories – losing weight whilst enjoying a hot beverage, result. I find it helps me feel much less bloated and I feel cleaner, as opposed to after drinking a pint of coke or after several cocktails over the weekend. 

It can also supposedly help with several ailments including reducing the risk of high blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, reducing risk of heart disease and much more. I’m by no means a doctor so don’t take my word for it but give it a research yourself and you’ll find out much more. 

If you’ve tried plain green tea before and hated it don’t be put off by that, go for a flavoured version. There are tonnes available, I’ve also got a ginger infused green tea in my cupboard to try so hopefully you can find one that suits you. 

Happy drinking 


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