Buying on a budget 

With so many options how do you choose. 

I’ve seen many weird and wonderful outfits being worn at my gym over the past years. It’s ranged from cardigans to jeans and toms. Now of course wear what you want but for those of you who stick to the more traditional outfit choices it can be slightly overwhelming with all the different colours and price tags. 

Today’s topic is gym leggings. If your anything like me then a bit of colour certainly doesn’t go a miss. As much as brands like Nike and Adidas have fab styles and have top notch materials they can also cost an arm and a leg to purchase. 

One of my favourite shops to purchase clothing from is H&M. Here is a couple of choices they have to offer for as little as £14.99. I’ve never had any issues with any of mine – no see through bums as of yet. 

Happy buying 


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