So really feeling the holiday blues whilst sat at my desk this morning. Having a little reminisce of my European adventure..

Apparently the sun helped me gain a few feet and I even managed to touch the top of the Louvre – amazing right. It was a glorious day in Paris for our sightseeing extravaganza, whilst in the queue to get into the Louvre (which only took 20 mins as we got there so early – result) managed to catch a bit of sun and some beautiful views.

For anyone who has never heard of interrailing, like myself until 2 weeks ago, I’ll just explain what it actually is.. Short version – you purchase a train ticket and hop on and off throughout Europe where ever you want. The ticket we purchased was a travel 5 days within 15 global pass and cost £158 each, we also purchased loss of ticket for an extra £20 just in case. This pass enables you to travel on most intercity and ‘slower’ trains. For any high speed trains (Thalys, TGV etc) you have to purchase a reservation which has an additional cost of anything from €9-€30 but can mean getting somewhere in half the time.

With regards to planning, we only actually decided about a week before we went that we were going interrailing so you don’t need to do anything too in depth. I admit I did research it all quite thoroughly as I’m a bit OCD when it comes to organisation but we ended up mostly just winging the whole week – successfully.

I had an absolutely amazing time doing this but can appreciate its not for everyone – if your not in to walking, bustling train stations and carrying heavy bags then I’d probably give it a pass but otherwise you must try it.

I’m already thinking about where I want to go next and would love to do it for a longer period.

Back on my gym grind starting this evening! Going straight in with a body pump class and already got myself booked in for spin tomorrow. No rest for the wicked and back to a, hopefully, motivating fitness blog.


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