We’re all going on a summer holidayyy

So been a bit lax on the gym front but pretty good excuse if you ask me and I’ve been getting plenty of exercise in through different methods. Currently interrailing across Europe.

For the next week or so I’ll temporarily rename my blog to ‘Europe extravaganza’ so I can post pics of cool stuff 😋. Here’s a couple of snaps to whet your appetites; 

Over the past 4 days, so far, I have passed back and forth between 4 different countries; England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

First stop France – visited Calais (mostly by accident due to train times) and had a beer in a lovely French cafe (see Instagram for video highlighting this – tarascottbrowne). And Lille – which I feel I may have to return to as only had a couple of hours, again due to train times, and it is such a lovely place.

Second stop Netherlands – the famous Amsterdam as you would have seen from the above pic. Whilst here me and my travelling bud, jamma p, hired bikes and miraculously visited all the main attractions and viewed the majority of Amsterdam in a day – so far this was my favourite place. Attractions visited include: Anne Frank museum, Rijks museum, museum of prostitution, icebar and pretty much every cathedral/church that there is. All vids/pics will follow after jamma p has played around with the GoPro.

Currently I am residing in Brussels where I am compiling this post. Today I made a rookie mistake of wearing sandals -guys don’t be as thick as me – and my feet are now destroyed but on a positive note I’ve visited some beautiful buildings, who knew Brussels had so much to view. Tried out the metro which can only be compared to the London Underground; gets you from a to b in a heartbeat but is a complete sweat box. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many architectural buildings in one place. I am yet to experience ‘real’ Belgium chocolate but that is on the agenda for tomorrow with who knows what other adventures. I’ll keep you guys updated.

The trip continues…


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