Kayla Itsines Inspo

So guys this happened..

Courtesy of Bethan, you babe.

Have to admit haven’t had a chance to get properly into it yet but when I get back from my holiday I’ll be following it to the letter and I’ll keep you updated with how it pans out.

Today I woke up with sore glutes! (Ass cheeks) – on a ‘build a bum’ mission so chuffed with this although it does make stairs a bit more difficult than usual! Been upping my weights in my pump classes to push myself, my thighs did shake for atleast 2 hours afterwards yesterday but ya know, no pain no gain.

Gonna be changing my routine going forward as I feel I’ve reached a bit of a plateau, reducing the spin classes and upping the weights classes to try and get a bit more definition going on. Sometimes I feel the body just needs a change up to work/rest different muscles.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are muscles so keep up the work, it’ll all be worth it!  She says..


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