Passoa nights ✌🏼️

This weekend consisted of lots of good food and cocktails!  And of course a couple of spin classes.  

Started the weekend right with a Friday night spin sesh very closely followed by prosecco and cocktails. 

Saturday morning then came with the harsh reality of my 8.30am alarm in preparation for another spin class. I have to admit after a couple of bevs the previous eve I could so easily have just turnt it off and rested my eyelids a little longer but no rest for the wicked. So up and at it. The promise of a familiar face giving me the motivation but low and behold after a heavy night herself the lazy b*tch didn’t make it 😋

Saturday late afternoon pleasantly consisted of consuming more cocktails.. 

In these cutesy cups! Courtesy of Aymie-Lou – top work. 

And now we move onto Sunday (day of rest may I add). Spent the afternoon unsuccessfully trying to book a holiday thankfully being made up with a delicious roast washed down with a refreshing glass of rose – didn’t get a chance to take a pic as I’d practically consumed the whole lot before my plate even touched the table. 

Tomorrow back on the grind with a spin sesh and that little extra I mentioned previously. All will be revealed… 


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