Blog bug

Is the blog bug finally having an effect on me?

For those of you who have the slightest bit of interest in what I’ve actually been getting up to in my mission to get abs thought I’d give you an insight..

I’ve been really enjoying the classes that my gym has to offer, I used to be self conscious of going to them as most people are regulars and knew what they were doing etc. But then it dawned on me that everyone has to start somewhere right. And as soon as I did go I realised that it really doesn’t matter. A gym is there for everyone, not just those that look like tanks and have muscles bulging left right and centre. So go get ’em guys.

Back to my ‘routine’..

Monday – spin – this past 8 months I’ve really got into spin and actually enjoy it – I know what most of you are probably thinking, how can anyone enjoy something so gruelling? – the fact that I feel brilliant, although knackered, after is a start and the instructors are so motivating.

Tuesday – spin again

Wednesday – body pump – for those of you who, like me, aren’t very motivated when it comes to doing free weights this is a fantastic alternative. It’s an hour long session of using bars, hand weights, benches and floor work. It’s an all body workout so for those of you wanting to build a bit of extra strength to those wanting to build a bigger booty this class has it all. Fairly new to this one so still trying to work out what weights work best for me but again having the instructor and the atmosphere combined really helps to push you.

Thursday – body attack – again this is an all body work out but doesn’t use any weights, all it’s about you and putting the work in. For someone like me who has nil hand eye coordination some of the movements I’m pretty sure I’d be hilarious to watch doing but who cares. I’m getting fitter.

Friday – now this is a bit of a grey day, dependant on my plans for the weekend I may or may not gym it. However if I do it is spin again – told you I enjoy it.

Saturday – gym on a Saturday? Not very often I admit but if I don’t have any strenuous plans on the Friday eve (such as drinking cocktails all night) then I’ve got no excuse not to. All 3 of the above classes mentioned are available on a Saturday morning to me so I’ll go for whatever I fancy at the time.

Sunday is definitely a gym no go day for me. Day of rest is a phrase I would definitely use to describe my Sunday’s. And it’s perfectly fine to have a day off. Sometimes your body just needs a rest and some good food to recuperate ready for the next week of fat burning and muscle building.

Hope that’s given some of you a bit of inspiration and insight into what is out there. Take one day at a time. And have fun doing it! #FitNotSkinny #FitNotFat


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