Do I have a life?

Hey guys,

Come to the realisation that I really have either no life or am awful at documenting it. This said I’ve now come to the conclusion that I need to put myself out there a lot more and actually take the time to capture some of those memories.

So I’ve recently been on holiday, as you would know from my previous posts. Here’s a quick pic to give you a glimpse of the wonderful places I saw. (Spain-Javea)

Absolutely pigged out whilst there so have been straight back on the grind since being home. Cannot believe how easy it is to pile the pounds back on when it’s SO hard to get them off initially – still no ab sightings as of yet. Had an absolutely fantastic time whilst away and have the serious blues since being back (contributing to lack of blog posts).

However I am now on the countdown to my next holiday so many more relentless gym sessions to squeeze in and much more healthy eating (but only mon-thurs, my willpower simply does not stretch further than that when food is in question).

Also went to go ape weekend just gone – was soooo much fun, although a teeny bit scary at some points. Had perfect weather and company so a success on all parts. Unfortunately no pics to show as was too busy swinging around and no pockets to suitably hold a camera.

August is looking to be full of adventures so stay tuned for low downs and plenty of pics (if i remember to take them).


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