Finding it harder than I had initially expected to get on this blog band wagon. Find the smallest of things distract me.

Anyway back today with a little insight into what I’ve been up to…

Holiday is in 2 days so I’ve been absolutely smashing the gym sessions – tried 3 new classes in the past couple of weeks. I’m usually a serial spinnist (pretty sure that’s not a real word but we’ll go with it) but decided it was time to stretch my legs a bit.

Body attack – fantastic new addition to my cardio routine! I find it extremely hard to stay motivated on a treadmill so this burns the calories whilst making it enjoyable. I’ll be continuing this one.

Body pump – now this class means business, safe to say I ache for days after a pump class but again brilliant addition to my routine. I have absolutely no arm strength at all so this class is perfect for building up some muscle – which in turn burns more calories. Result!

HIIT – this one I’m not too sure on, only tried it once so I’ll give it a few more shots before judging.

Been trying really hard with my eating habits these last weeks, getting my daily dose of protein whilst trying to keep the carbs a bit lower. I still have my weekend treats (and occasionally week day but we’ll keep that between us); tried a Caribbean restaurant last Friday for a friends birthday, never realised how yummy it is!

Tomorrow we go for body attack again and then it is one more day to get through before it is THE day. So excited it’s unreal. I’ll keep you posted with all the lovely Spanish foods I’ll be indulging in after my hard work!

On a slight negative – abs are still hiding. I’m not stopping until they show up!


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