Let’s go 

Today I write whilst warming up for my third spin class in a row this week! 💪🏼 don’t know what has come over me, holiday vastly approaching has really kicked my ass into gear. Fair play to people that manage this every week – nutters. 

No sneaky fruit cakes or added extras consumed today, still keeping track with ‘my fitness pal’, seem to be struggling with reducing calories and increasing proteins so any pointers feel free to let me know. 

Abs are still covered by that reluctant to leave fat but Rome wasn’t built in a day. We go again until they decide to show up. 

Very nearly the weekend, you’ll find this is when the food posts start to arrive! Will it be tapas, will it be pub grub, will it be Italian?  Who knows. A team at work ordered at least 20 dominos pizzas earlier so perhaps that’s what it’ll have to be haha. 

Anyway spin it is! ✌🏼️

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