Gotta start somewhere..

So completely new to this! Fumbling my way through all the different options trying to tailor this blog to me. As it stands its still in a work in progress but bare with me guys.

My tag line pretty much sums up what this blog is going to consist of but just to give you a bit more of an insight; i’m one of those people that lives for food, ranging from the relatively healthy to the complete opposite end of the spectrum with obscene numbers of calories. Even as i write this now i’m tucking into a slice of fruit cake for works cake bake day (all proceeds go to charity so for a good cause if you ask me) but for lunch i have cooked up some rice, veg and chicken – ‘trying to get abs’ side of the process.

Balance i feel is key; something i do not currently have, but i’m happy with this. If i want to eat that slice of cake then i will eat that slice of cake. If i don’t want to go to the gym today, i wont, although i am, indulging myself with a spin class this evening!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy keeping up with my ab growing process and can learn to enjoy eating whatever you want at the same time (just means an extra bit of cardio, but think of the food).

I don’t want to blab on too much as i don’t want to bore you with my first post but happy future reading!

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