Back for a second round

So I attended good old spin this eve, wasn’t with the instructor I was expecting due to illness, but she worked our absolute assess off so can’t complain. 

Safe to say I am now aching after my, now, third day of pretty intense exercise. But you know what they say ‘no pain no gain’. Really hoping this statement is correct right now..

Decided to have a quick google of good ways to budge a few extra lbs as holiday is in 4 weeks time (tend to do this a lot for a bit of inspiration when I feel like gorging in naughty foods) and was reminded of the ‘my fitness pal’ app. I’ve now set it back up and discovered I’m actually under calories today for my end goal which is a result so I’d defo recommend if you struggle to track your calories or just need to set up some form of goal. 

Anyway tomorrow we go again, for now it’s over and out for some much needed beauty (and hopefully muscle growing) sleep! 

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